Jackie Ward


5 stars plus 1! Wow! I had the pleasure of coming across Anna by pure fortune. I was looking to buy a condominium in the area as I had been renting in Acton MA for a couple of years and it was time to buy. The moment I met Anna I felt a great vibe. She listened to what I was looking for even though I wasn’t exactly sure myself. I knew I wanted a condominium someplace close to Acton as I work there. She was amazing. She brought me to a couple at first in different towns and I really didn’t feel they were for me. Immediately she got the picture of what I was looking for ( again even though I wasn’t sure). So a few Sundays ago she found my dream home! I’m here and couldn’t be happier. This was the first time I bought a new home here in this country as I’m from Ireland. She held my hand through out the whole process and checked in nightly sometimes twice , three times a day, depending on my questions. She couldn’t have been more attentive and I admire her work ethic! For the final few meetings I felt she was my friend and we always hugged. I can’t emphasize enough how much I’d recommend Anna. You would be truly blessed to work with her.