The first step to selling your home is a no obligation meeting so I can tour your home and create a market analysis to help us set the price. Call, text or email me to schedule a meeting today!

Here are some of the things I do to make sure I serve you well:

  • 3D home tour (See Sample)
  • Professional photos (I cannot say how important this is, if the photos and listing are not good enough, we don’t attract buyers. Photos can easily “unsell” your home).
  • Enticing listing (I spend hours working on the wording of your home description to make sure it attracts as many buyers as possible.  I am extremely thorough on the content of your listing so the potential buyers have all the information they need to make a good decision.)
  • Beautiful 11x17 brochures for everyone that walks through your home.
  • Open houses that work for you! I do not just throw up a sign and sit at your kitchen counter. I bring food, drinks and a mortgage specialist. I put up a minimum of 5 signs with balloons to direct attention to your open house. The food helps me to keep potential buyers in your home for more than just a few minutes helping them to remember your home better and grow to love it more. The mortgage specialist is there to answer any questions that a potential buyer might have about financing. I also bring a second agent to greet potential buyers so that I can give the visitors a tour of your home pointing out all of the upgrades or special things about it.
  • Facebook ad budget. It is a very targeted campaign that helps to create a buzz about your home.
  • I always answer my phone! I can’t say how important this is. If a potential buyer wants to see your home and does not answer the phone when their agent calls the list agent, they move on to another house. It is so important that your list agent is responsive to all forms of communication. If there is ever a time I do not answer, I will always respond as promptly as possible. A few hours is too long for someone to wait.
  • I never over extend myself. In this business you will see agents with 4 – 10 listings at a time. In my opinion, that is too much to have and still do a good job. When I get too many clients, I refer them to other agents, this way I can always give you the time you deserve.
  • Complimentary staging consultation. The saying it takes money to make money is so true. Once you have signed an agreement with me, I will pay a stager to come to your home and let you know what needs to be done to maximize your profit. Sometimes a small expense of $500 can add thousands to your value or simply make the home sell faster. On occasion the expense could be higher than that but what you actually decide to do is entirely your choice.
  • Electronic lockbox. This helps keep your home more secure. With the electronic lockbox, there is no code that can get in the wrong hands. Only licensed agents can get into your home with their electronic key and I will have a record of every time an electronic key is used.
  • I will be with you for the entire process. Selling and buying a home can be very overwhelming and I understand that. I do it every day but you don’t! I will walk you through every step of the process and keep you informed so you will always know what to expect next. I will track all dates that need to be met and I will be available whenever you have a question.