Drew and Lianna Deprey – Home Buyers in Billerica, MA


Our experience with Anna was nothing but exceptional. We had no idea who she was until we met her in person at an open house that she was helping to sell. Seeing how she treated people so nicely and listening to her talk about the house and the market with several people was impressive. All while answering any question you could throw at her. Our house hunt was not over, and she left such an impact on us that we decided to call her up and make her our go-to agent to get a new home. It was the best decision we made throughout the entire process! We needed a house fast being that we needed to be out of our current home within weeks. Through her persistence, expert knowledge of the market, answering every question with detail and prompt response time, we were able to get this done! To top it off, she earns every cent she makes in this industry with her work ethic and attitude. Can't thank Anna enough, and can't recommend her enough for those of you looking to buy!